Consensus and the Rain

July 17, 2011

After nearly a year of observation Kate and I have finally arrived at a consensus: Olympia is more rainy than Vancouver.  Deep right?  Not especially, except in the fact that we have spent nearly a year now in Olympia.  At this time last year…

  • Kate and I were meeting with the faithful team of people who have supported us through the years to invite them to participate in the ministry the Lord was calling us to in Olympia
  • This time last year we were still acclimating to one-on-one parenting of a 23 month old Jude and four and a half month old Ellie.
  • We were still just five months in to re-acclimating to life in America
And at this time now, we are…
  • Just under one year in to a three-year transition in to ministry here at REALITY (again, a huge thank you to our supporters!)
  • 22 weeks away from three-on-two parenting (and two weeks away from our next ultrasound!)
  • Beginning to interweave our lives in the life of Olympia, learning its rhythms, dynamics and distinctives
The beat goes on, the transition continues.  It is refreshing to be able to step back and reflect on the work of God in and through us over the last year.

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