Baby #3 Latest News

August 24, 2011

There’s been some twists and turns with this little baby number 3 (portents of a second fireball being born in to the family?).  For those who have been following and praying along the journey, and for those who are just joining us, let me recap.

  • June 22 – After our first ultrasound Kate’s daughter told us that our little baby boy (it’s a boy!) had a couple of markers they look for in kids with genetic defects (a nominally thick nuchal fold and a nasal bone that was MIA)
  • August 1st – While our second ultrasound managed to find the baby’s nasal bone, the doctor’s concern shifted onto the mildly large nuchal fold and a cyst on the baby’s brain.  Again, both of these could be normal or they could hint at a genetic variance.
  • August 15th – Kate and I decided to pursue a blood test for kate that would help clarify the likelihood of her carrying a baby with a genetic defect (like Downs Syndrome). Our thinking has been that we would pursue additional (more certain) testing if the likelihood is high enough.
So, now everyone is up to today.  Well, to yesterday anyway.  Yesterday we received word back from Kate’s doctor that the likelihood of her carrying a baby with a genetic deviation was officially 1 in 5000.  Given that that is .02%, we are, at this point, basically writing off the “genetic variation” warnings.
Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for baby number three.  The Lord continues to provide for us and supply all of our needs.  We are still hoping to find and purchase a house before the baby is due to be born in mid-December (seems like we just haven’t learned how to have children without moving in the close vicinity…).  Please be praying that we would rest in God’s provision and care for us as we forge in to the future.
We can’t wait to introduce little number 3 (Whose name still escapes us!) to you all this Christmas!

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