UPDATE: New Books in the Hopper

October 5, 2011

Finished Missional by Alan Roxburgh this week and wanted to post just a short recap here to capture some thoughts.

Overall I’d say the book was a bit of a mix for me.  At some points I felt the book painted with much too broad of brush strokes.  At others I thought the book had helpful insights.  In the end I’d say the book tends to be foundationally oriented in nature and will speak especially well in to specific contexts.

Some the more helpful ideas and perspectives in the book included:

  • Church-Gospel-Culture: being on mission requires we explore all three areas, creating space for a “trialogue” between these three partners.  Roxburgh calls the missional church out for neglecting Culture and Gospel (though to a lesser degree)
  • Sending the 72: Though I think he overstates his case what has at times been a westernizing reading of Matthew 28:19-20, it is helpful for us to learn from Jesus’ sending of the 72.  In that passage Roxburgh advocates a number distinctives.  Among what I take as the more helpful of them are: don’t move from house to house (i.e. put down some roots), eat what is set before you (i.e. connect in the ordinary), the laborer deserves his wages (i.e. work together), announce the kingdom and bring it near (i.e. be conduit of shalom both verbally and actively)
  • Beginning the Journey: Roxburgh’s final chapter lays out what will certainly be helpful ideas for anyone looking to transition themselves or a church body into life on mission.  Great, practical tips offered here.

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