UPDATE: New Missional Communities at REALITY

October 8, 2011

“Over a year here?  Seriously?” Yeah, I know we’re well in to our 14th month here, but I still keep thinking it.

One of the things we’ve been celebrating is the addition of new missional communities here in the South Sound region (see here for more info on missional communities at REALITY).  Right now it seems like we’re moving through a cycle of faithfulness and expansion.  (Please do not take this to mean that our experience has not been marked by “two steps forward, one step back” or many times in prayer spent asking “What is going on!?”)

Not only have we experienced a growing in the number of missional communities at REALITY, we’ve also seen a deepening practice and experience of missional community as the foundations of our existing MC’s become stronger. I for one have also grown a lot as I’ve been learning to lead here at REALITY (but these kinds of things hardly show up well on maps or graphs…).

Please join us in continuing to pray for the multiplication of communities that would commit to distinctly living as a display of the Gospel in the South Sound region and that we would have wisdom to know how to shepherd and guide this community.


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