How to Work for the Benefit of the Culture

October 10, 2011

“Work to see that the city where I sent you as exiles enjoys peace and prosperity.  Pray to the Lord for it. For as it prospers you will prosper.” (Jeremiah 29:7)

Its scandalous really.  Defeated, marginalized, victimized, exile.  Rather than feeding a growing resistance Jeremiah writes to the people of Israel urging them to work to build up the cities to which they have been deported.

Though perhaps without the defeated, marginalized subplot of Israel, the Jesus’ Church certainly bears that same responsibility as foreigners and exiles (I Pe 2:11).  Practically what are some of the ways you’re engaging the city, your neighborhood, etc. to build it up?

  • Host a neighborhood fire bowl
  • Support local restaurants by intentionally eating out, tipping well and reviewing them on websites like Yelp
  • Get in touch with local artist, authors, etc. and support them when their in town
  • Build a neighborhood phone list with those who are interested
  • Join NeighborGoods and begin sharing tools, books, lawnmowers, etc.
What are some other ideas/ways you’ve thought of to build up your neighborhood or city?

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