Guidelines for a New Space

October 26, 2011

With a couple of questions being kicked around about small things like the end of the world and one world government (without getting too conspiracy theorist-y), Alan Roxburgh has put up some good thoughts on life in times like these.

A great realignment is happening. The basis on which political, social, religious and cultural groupings have been formed are shifting into combinations we can’t discern from here. Whether Arab Spring, Tea Party, Wall Street Protests or the quiet leaving of many from existing churches – huge change is afoot. How do we lead in this great unravelling?

How we reframe our understanding and practice of leadership just now is critical. There aren’t simple answers. We’re in a place of discovery where answers emerge as we discern how the Spirit might shape us through risking and experimenting. For some time we have reflected on how this might happen. Some basic convictions have emerged:

  • God is actively doing something new in all this period of sorting out.
  • The Spirit invites us to venture into spaces where we’re not in control of outcomes; we can’t manage our way into the future.
  • We have to risk and discern together – not alone.
  • We need learning communities that connect leaders in differing contexts wrestling with the practical implications of all this change.

You can read the whole post here.


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