QUOTE: A Meal with Jesus

October 29, 2011

“The food we consume, the table around which we sit, and the companions gathered with us have as their end our communion with one another and with God.  The Israelites were redeemed to eat with God on the mountain, and we’re redeemed for the great messianic banquet that we anticipate when we eat together as a Chrstian community.  We proclaim Christ in mission so that others might hear the invitation to join the feast.

Creation, redemption, and mission all exist so that this meal can take place” (138).

This book is a great, short read I thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to redefine their understanding of how our daily rhythms are meant to be shaped by the Gospel.  In fact, if the previous sentence makes no sense to you, I still thoroughly recommend it as an early step to helping you understand the Gospel as something that’s so much better than get-out-of-hell-free or your best life now.

Jesus’ good news is all encompassing, and until we wrestle with it in its fullness, across all 168 hours we’re given every week our Jesus is not big enough.  I hope this book helps you wrestle in just such a way.


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