Three Years Ago…

November 8, 2011

Three years ago Kate, Jude and I stepped off a plane into a 15 month adventure in Holland.  I’m fairly certain I cannot do anywhere near justice to the impact the intervening years have had.  We’ve forged friendships, welcomed new members into our family, ditched the outstandingly moralistic gospel of our upbringing, gained a more bi-cultural perspective, reshaped our understanding of the role and function of church  leadership, grown to recognize our strengths and how to function in them, come to see our weaknesses and how to supplement them in community and are learning to recognize the myriad ways we display our need for the Gospel daily.

Thank you to all who have been a part of this journey, participating and supporting along the way.  We look forward to continuing to journey alongside those both near and far as the Lord continues to lead us onward.



5 Responses to “Three Years Ago…”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    gulp…ditched the outstandingly moralistic gospel of your upbringing? I have to say, that statement took me aback.

    I guess we have all learned a lot over the years, haven’t we? I never want to be in a place of settling and becoming dull toward the great things God has for us. Learning and growing means we can’t be sentimental about lesser understandings-reaching ahead! That’s where it’s at!

    • joewulf Says:

      I should add to that, that “outstandingly moralistic gospel” was one primarily validated by and consisted of doing. It was “Do _____ because you’re supposed to or because you’ll get in trouble or because you’re supposed to want to” rather than, “Do because it is who you really are or because you can in Jesus or because you’re accepted.” It was the old, do in order to attain/become (do to be a good Christian) rather than the Gospel’s do because you’ve already received/become. Does that help?

  2. Karen Osgood Says:

    Yes, that actually helps me since as we all know, I tend to be a
    doer (probably because of my upbringing) instead of just being. I am working on being much more relational and setting aside some of the “doing”

    • Joewulf Says:

      Sometimes I’m surprised by how dependent I believe my being is on what I do. Whenever I’m tired that’s one of the places I examine first (along with the question of my dependence on the Spirit).

  3. Karen Wulf Says:

    That helps explain what you meant, but I think I had already figured that out, and figured out that you are right-that was our understanding of the gospel.
    I think being faced with mistakes brings with it the challenge (ongoing, it seems) to not let those become our defining marks. Jesus defines me, and I don’t want to “believe in” anything less than the truth. Such a beautiful identity will remain scandalous until the day I think I have earned it- then it just becomes sort of my end of the deal, the fruit of my labor instead of His accomplished work on the cross.

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