Waiting mode…

December 11, 2011

In 6 days Jude and Ellie will both be “olders” in the house, mommy and daddy are going to get really grouchy, we are going to stop talking back to the many kicks perpetrated by mama’s tummy and a we are going to have a bunch of sleepovers with oma and grandma (at least).  Oh, and the pile of blankets that have been accruing by mommy and daddy’s bed is going to start crying and getting a lot more attention.  Such is the world from Jude and Ellie’s perspective.

Somehow, despite Jude’s many statements of “I never want you to go to the hospital”, we’re a little bit more than excited to do just that–at least some times.  All the other times we’re thinking about labor.  Pray for us through the next week: for patience, peace, labor, delivery, sleep and Jude and Ellie.  You’re support is especially huge for us in this season!

A huge thank you to everyone who is checking in with us to see how Kate’s doing and to those who have been spoiling Cameron (and us) through your many gifts!


One Response to “Waiting mode…”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    looking forward to those sleepovers you mentioned!

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