On Christopher Hitchens’ Passing

December 16, 2011

Maybe you recognize Christopher Hitchens for his place among people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins.  Maybe you don’t.  Whether you’re aware of Hitchens’ arguments or not, Ed Stetzer has a great response to this man’s passing.  Even if you hate apologetics, read this post for its insight:

Reflections on the Death of Christopher Hitchens


One Response to “On Christopher Hitchens’ Passing”

  1. KatieO Says:

    I don’t really know much about Hitchens but I have been curious to read his book “God is NOT Great”…and start studying up on Atheism. I’ve been lurking the atheist articles on CNN and the comment boards…it’s fascinating. It’s embarrassing, as a Christian, sometimes.

    But today I read an article about Hitchens (http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/12/16/my-take-an-evangelical-remembers-his-friend-hitchens/?hpt=hp_c2) from his Evangelical friend…seems like a really close friend of his. I loved it and how he loved Hitchens as a human. I do hope that Hitchens somehow is with Jesus….and I am so glad that I have no power to know either way…but to trust that Jesus is just, all-knowing/understanding, loving and full of grace and mercy. And we just don’t know exactly how it all plays out….or what the state of his heart was at the point of his death…even if he did insist that coming to Jesus would only be because of insanity caused by disease 😉

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