Wulfstead Updates – Round 1

April 10, 2012

A little maintenance before the goods (which primarily consists of pictures today): With an eye toward updating you all about the kiddos, life in Oly and service at Reality, I’m making this the first in a short series of  posts.

BTW – In the past I’ve used this blog to share some put together thoughts (at least in my opinion), while this will continue to be the case, I also plan on (and have begun) doing more sharing of links and things that are impacting or interesting me at the moment.  Along with this shift, please feel free to add your thoughts to the latent conversation that’s already happening across the stream of posts.

On to the fun stuff: Kidly pictures!  First up: Cam!

Cam will be fully four months April 18th!  Crazy!  So far he’s doing awesome grabbing stuff with his hands (no plate grab emergencies just yet), nearing back-to-tummy rolling and smiling and laughing up a storm.  He’s a super happy and generally mellow guy.  We’re happy to see him settling in to a routine in both the AM and PM that’s making life easier for us.

Ellie is our little live wire.  She’s all sweetness, joy, life, sass and assertiveness.  There’s little question whether this middle child will be lost among her two brothers. Her main occupation these days consists in taking over whatever Jude is doing–going potty on the toilet, telling a story, spanning any two objects and exclaiming, “I”m a bridge!”.  Venture in to our house alone and you’re sure to the be recipient of  a barrage of stories from Jude and Ellie at the same time.  Oh, Ellie also still loves reading books, though somewhat recently she’s started reading them to us directly after we’ve finished reading them to her.  🙂

NEWS FLASH!  Jude has finally taken to potty training!  Kate was finally pushed to make this potty training thing happen a week or so ago when we passed the year anniversary to our first attempt to potty train.  This time it appear to be sticking as he’s been doing awesome all week!  Sweet!

Other than that, Jude’s still growing up (too fast).  He make sure we have plenty of pirates, rats and  barracudas in our lives.  Right now he loves snuggling and napping together.  His most common phrases are “Bother” and “Oh dear”.  🙂

Pray for these cuties.  Lately we’ve been thinking through our parenting and asking God for wisdom in how we can parent toward grace instead of behavior modification.  Its quite the act of God for us to learn how to submit rather than grasp at control, but I think we’re making slow progress.


2 Responses to “Wulfstead Updates – Round 1”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    AH! So glad to know you are continuing with the blogging! It is one of my favorite reads. Great pictures (and photography)!

  2. Abby Wulf Says:

    Thanks for the pics and the update brother! Always love looking at your little ones and hearing about your life. Currently Cam is featured on my lock screen 🙂 Love you!

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