Wulfstead Update – Round 2

April 12, 2012

When I first think about updating you on Reality and how things are going, its funny how little jumps in to mind. Lest you belong to one of those circles in which this might be construed as a bad thing, let me tell you what I mean. I mean simply that there have been no major directional shifts or programatic upheaval, merely the steady movement of a group of people toward the purposes of God where he has placed them.  And when they’re put in those sorts of terms, even the menial becomes amazingly drenched in worth.

As for the more traditional measurements used by churches–butts, bricks and budgets–things are going well.  We have as many people at our gatherings and in missional communities as ever, we are meeting our monthly budget obligations and, while the building isn’t new, it is serving our purposes well enough.

In general I think I tend to be a more steady personality, but there are a number of things that I want to share with you that do get me excited.  Here they are (in no particular order):

  • People are asking great questions and having great problems.  Something is going right when we’re struggling to figure out how to apply the Gospel to people’s lives in messy, real situations.
  • People’s end goals are changing. It seems to be coming clearer to the body here that getting people to the gathering is not the goal. Getting people–including ourselves–to Jesus is.
  • Our understanding of God’s means are changing.  Rather than simply inviting people to our gatherings via invitations, Twitter or Facebook, we’re inviting people into our lives via meals, celebrations and parties where we pray the Spirit gives them a glimpse of our generous, lavish and welcoming God. (What’s resulted is not a degradation of the gathering, but a interweaving of God’s purposes for us when we gather and when we scatter–they’re both HIGHLY valued)
  • We’re injecting REALITY with a fluent understanding of the Gospel. There are a number of ways the elders are getting serious about leading the body in to an understanding of the Gospel that equips us to apply it to any situation and its about to show up on our calendar.  Next month we’ll be holding a weekend focused on marriage.  Later this year we’ll be starting groups to help deal with the deep rooted sin in our lives as well.  Both are a win for the Kingdom.

Simple but exciting times at REALITY.  More humble, more repentant, more bold.  Love being a part of this journey and mission.


One Response to “Wulfstead Update – Round 2”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    benefiting here in the ‘couve. Thanks for posting these clear and simple thoughts. I am going to share this blog post-it is freeing to read.

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