Wulfstead Update – Round 3

April 14, 2012

Life is far too good right now.  For many reasons previously expressed here and here, but also for so many more.  So many things I’m excited about and so many things I’ve been thinking about. Here in mashed form is a mixing of the two–excited about and thinking about–with absolutely no intentional delineation which is which.

  • Homebuying…where? Kate and I are finally beginning to take steps toward buying a home in Olympia. While we’re getting to know our preferences, realtor and mortgage team one big question remains for me: Where does God want us?  Who does he want us to neighbor (yes that is a verb)?
  • Reading. After finishing Redemption by Mike Wilkerson (If you haven’t read it.  Read it.  Its that simple.) I had an inexplicable urge to read some good fiction.  In a motivational litmus test I decided to read The Hobbit, which I had on hand, and found myself still wanting another classic. In the end I been walking through Scout Finch’s childhood in the book To Kill a Mockingbird (this one). Lots of thoughts about prejudice and righteousness–racial, religious, ethnocentric, immature, ignorant and otherwise. No one gets out of this book’s critique.
  • Joy. There wasn’t any moment when the light switched on, I just feel like I’ve had more of it.  In 2000 I spent a summer in Lebanon reading most of my Bible and hanging out with Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian teens.  At the end of that summer the rage that previously had made me physically shake at times was gone.  Today the Spirit seems to be doing something similar with joy.  Nothing’s changed per say, I just have it.

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