When another church hires…

April 15, 2012

If you work at a church, what do you feel when another church hires someone? How does it effect you when another church invites a pastor to step in to help them revitalize their church?

A couple of days ago I met someone in my town who is helping a church here transition to life in community on mission, and I experienced something I’d never experienced before.  Rather than ambivalence–“Okay”–or half-interest–“Wonder how that’ll go”, I felt something different. I felt like we’d made a new hire, like what we are trying to do here has another set of hands trying to do it, fumbling, learning and falling forward.

I’m not going to hazard any theories as to what we’ve been doing, but I will say I’m pretty encouraged by what we are doing.  Close the doors of the church building today and I’ll still give myself to the same thing.  That to me represents both a titanic shift and an exciting hint that maybe we’re inching in to something greater.


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