Everyone Believers the Gospel

April 25, 2012

No I’m not a universalist.  Not everyone believes THE Gospel, but everyone believes they know THE Gospel.  Everyone wants to attain, become, save, etc., and everyone believes they know how to attain, become, save, etc.You want proof?  You’re already doing it.

Exhibit A–and the thing that got me thinking about this today–is over on Lifehacker.com where they put up a post titled “A Simple Approach to Fixing Your Crappy Self-Esteem“.  In general I suppose Lifehacker posts innocuous, helpful tips and tricks that help me organize and manage life. I was given pause through the article mentioned about, but here’s what stopped me in my tracks:

Accomplishments are key when you want to feel good about yourself, especially when they’re part of the process of becoming the person you want to be.

Ask: What do I want?  How or where do I look to get it?  What will it be like when I have it?  Answer these questions honestly–even pragmatically based on your actions–and you have YOUR gospel.  Everyone believes the Gospel.  If they didn’t think they did, they wouldn’t live the way they do.


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