Link: Moving Beyond Stories

May 2, 2012

“Do _____ or you’re not a good ______” This sentence and its relatives can be found in any sphere: work, family, parenting, sports, politics, etc.  And in that way I guess it isn’t surprising to find similar ideas being proffered from pulpits every Sunday.

I know I can identify with it having grown up in the church.  If you’re a really good Christian you’ll tell your friends about Jesus…go on this mission trip…come to my camp…read your Bible and pray every day…etc., etc., etc.  If you’ve been around here long hopefully the veil covering up the latent legalism in this is a thin one.

So what is the alternative?  How do you communicate, even communicating stories, without motivating out of guilt or just getting people to just attend?   I won’t steal his thunder, but Drew Goodmanson shares some great thoughts linked below.

Moving Beyond Stories by Drew Goodmanson


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