Do the elders at your church qualify? (linked video)

May 4, 2012

I love the marriage of depth in normality.  If elders are examined thoroughly in their qualification to lead the church as examples (and they should be).  And if the Gospel impacts us at a deep, everyday level, then the elders who lead in the church need to be examined in both deep and regular ways in which we are meant to display the Gospel.

Jeff Vanderstelt shares some great thoughts for evaluating elders in the video that follows.  Here are just a few of his questions:

How often do you have non-believers in your home?
Actually examining finances to answer, “How do you spend your money?”
Who would call you a friend that doesn’t know Jesus?  Can we call them?

An Elder Qualification We Often Forget by Jeff Vanderstelt (Video)


One Response to “Do the elders at your church qualify? (linked video)”

  1. Karen Wulf Says:

    Thanks, Joey. Knowing you are an elder there at Reality helps me know how you personally are being challenged, though the challenge above is one we all would to well to embrace and live in.

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