Are we an organization or a family on mission?

May 16, 2012

Where the pew and the pulpit are separate, where sin and confession are left out of the gathering, where staff are at odds and unfamiliar–I have been there.  Sure, Jesus is my homeboy, he knows my sin but part of the game is that no one else does.

Alan Hirsch’s definition of worship is “offering our lives back to God through Jesus.” I’ve often wondered what it would look like for a “worship leader” to lead the church in giving our lives back to God through Jesus and whether I’ve ever really seen or done this type of leadership. Certainly worshipful leadership would include plenty of repentance and rehearsing the Gospel in the face of our (Christians’) sin and dependence on the Spirit.

If you’d like to visit the seedbed from which these thoughts are coming, let me invite you to check out the article linked below.

Organization or Missional Family



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