How do you know you’re abiding? (John 15:9f)

May 16, 2012

I was reading John 15 the other night and I noticed a progression I’d never seen before.  Wanted to share it here.  Here it is, starting in verse 9:

  • 9 – Remain in Jesus love. How?
  • 10-11 – How?  Joyful obedience to Jesus’ commandment.
  • 12 – What is Jesus’ commandment? Love as he has loved
  • 13 – What does this love look like? Laying down one’s life for his friends.
  • 14-17 – Who are the friends Jesus lays his life down for? Those who obey his commandment, to whom he has revealed everything, who he has chosen and appointed the bear fruit (which of course happens by abiding in Jesus – 15:5-6)

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