Do we want leaders or do we want to call volunteers “leaders”?

May 18, 2012

About a year ago I was talking with a guy who was interested in leading a part of the body at REALITY on mission. It had felt like a job interview. “Here are my qualifications. Here’s what I can do for you.”  Something felt off but I couldn’t have told you what it was until he said to me–in a way that implied he was looking for a job offer: “I don’t know if I’m the guy you’re looking for…”

My church baggage and sinful nature predispose me to want to staff my vision with people.

I’m tired of staffing people for my vision. I’m tired of pastors being salesmen and managers, alternately hawking the Gospel and running storefronts and programs.  Can’t we push on something that’s bigger than us?  Can’t I call you to join in something that neither of us is big enough to keep from failing on our own?  In our gathering and in our scattering the goal cannot be that the positions I’ve created get staffed.  It must be bigger.

Mike Breen has some great thoughts over on his blog.  Follow the link after these excerpts if you’d like to read more:

“while most churches believe they have leadership development programs, in actuality they have programs that recruit and train volunteers. A volunteer is someone who executes someone else’s vision. A leader is someone with a vision of his or her own.”

“My worry is that, in the culture of the genius with a thousand helpers, the prevailing culture of the upkeep of the machine will keep us from the real task of true Biblical leadership development and release.”

Why the Leadership Movement is Leaving Your Church Leaderless



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