Success in the Church

June 1, 2012

Great Neil Cole quote:

“…we don’t care if our churches live a year, twenty years, or a hundred years. We care that while they live, they give birth. We may start a church that lasts a year, but while it lives, it births two daughter churches. That is a success. We think that if every church reproduces in that way, then the Kingdom of God will continue and grow.”

It’s not just a question for the church.  It is a question for individuals too. What risks are we avoiding in favor of self-preservation? What safety nets are we embracing that are stripping the Gospel of its latent multiplication impulse?

Yes, yes, yes to responsibility and all that.  Let’s just be clear about when we’re in sin for our love of the idol of self.

“I seek not a long life, but a full one, like you, Lord Jesus.” (Jim Elliot)



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