You don’t believe the Gospel

June 7, 2012

You don’t believe the Gospel.  Too bold you say?  What if I told you I have proof?  Would that frighten you?  Would you ask how I knew?  Would you deny it vehemently?  Would you avoid me?  Would you tell me I’m wrong?

What if I told you, your response has already proved me right? If in responding you felt the urge to defend, pretend, hide, blame, minimize or exaggerate away your sin then categorically you are not yet believing the Gospel which clearly states that your value, worth, righteousness, etc., etc., etc. stands or falls on God’s estimation.  Why else do you think Jesus could be silent at his trial before his crucifixion?  He wasn’t bating the Jews into killing him.  He knew he was justified by God.  He didn’t have to answer to the accusations, let alone hide or blame or…

To read more about the ways we minimize our sin check out the excerpt from The Gospel-Centered Life (a great resource btw) Timmy Brister posted on his blog a while back.  Find the post here:

Six Ways of Minimizing Sin


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