Gospel Shaped Parenting

June 16, 2012

So here I am again mulling over the ins and outs of Gospel shaped parenting. If the Gospel really does address every issue, then what does it look like played out in parenting?  Some thoughts that have been jostling around in my head for a while: Gospel shaped parenting…

  • is not shame or guilt based or driven
  • is not about the kids
  • is not motivated by what I did or didn’t have growing up
  • is not about me
  • will demonstrate my need and brokenness
  • does not determine my value
  • will not save me
  • does not agonize over not doing enough
  • releases ultimate control to God the Father
  • does not deny, ignore or run from pain or brokenness
  • is not practiced alone
  • facilitates rather than impedes the active pursuit of Jesus commission to his church to make disciples of all peoples.

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