Why You Needn’t Use “Shouldn’t”

March 19, 2013

Been thinking about the Gospel of late (surprise!). Some thoughts…

Has anyone ever asked you why you shouldn’t do something you both know is wrong? If anyone ever asked me this type of question–and I can’t recall anyone ever doing so–they certainly didn’t disagree with my answers. And those answers of course were things like, “God says so”, “It is wrong”, “God doesn’t like it and I’m supposed to try to please him.” etc, etc. As I look back I cringe at the foundation being laid in my young heart.

If you’re a follower of Jesus, I want to share a little secret with you: “should” doesn’t matter any more and neither does “shouldn’t”. You know what this secret is called? The Gospel. This is Good News. Your value, your worth is no longer based upon your adherence to shoulds and shouldn’ts. Freedom in Christ means freedom from performance because Jesus has performed on your behalf. Often times our “gospel” just isn’t good news to people because it still leaves them enslaved and unsatisfied.

If your gospel is not identifiably good news that is freeing and satisfying, then it may not be THE Gospel and is at best only a partial Gospel.

A great blog post on the subject, and the occasion for today’s post can be found here: Gospel Motivation: Gratitude Fueled Obedience (Shouldn’t or Needn’t).



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