Joey Wulf is a twenty-something happily married father of two living in Olympia, Washington.  After five years in youth ministry and graduating from Multnomah University, Joey and his wife Kate served as missionaries with Worldventure in the Netherlands for fifteen months.

Joey and Kate are a part of Reality Olympia; a body of believers seeking proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus through our life together.
Joey serves at Reality equipping and training missional community leaders.


5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Adam Austin Says:

    Joey, I found your name via Cross Culture Calvary. I go to Calvary Chapel Boise in Idaho. My family will be visiting Holland next week. We would like to fellowship with Cross Culture on your Sunday service. Can you email me back to verify you received this message. Thank you.

    • joewulf Says:

      Hello! We’d love to have you guys. Service starts at 10:00 am. You should see signs up by then for the church (a big “Cross Culture” banner attached to a fence). We’re in a little shopping area there. See you then!

  2. Dan Says:

    I love crossROADS!!!

  3. len Says:

    Wow.. this must be a great experience… the Lord bless and make you a blessing!

    • joewulf Says:

      Thanks Len! Keep writing and stirring the pot. We’re benefitting from your work and others over here in Holland!

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