Kingdom Photography?

September 2, 2009

Calling all you photographers!  Jessyca, Tucker, Tim, Sheldon, Sierra, Bernice, Ethan!  I’ve seen your pictures and you can totally do this–your pictures can be used for the Kingdom!  Here’s how (from Donald Miller’s blog yesterday):

Earlier this year I had the privilege of spending a couple days in Washington DC with Jeremy Cowart.Jeremy is a premier photographer whose photos are seen all over the world. We had lunch at a little Thai place near Georgetown and I asked him how things were going. He was about to accept a job traveling with Brittany Spears as the official photographer for her tour, so things were good. But he also wanted something more, he wanted to give back. He had an idea, and it was a good one.

Jeremy talked about the need for everybody to have a good photo of themselves. In the age of social networking, where our pictures are everywhere, a good photo is an advantage. But he also mentioned that not everybody has a camera, or somebody to take their picture, or even a way to get that picture onto a computer. He specifically mentioned single moms looking for jobs, and that of course got my attention.

His idea was to call all his photographer friends and have them set up their equipment on one specific day and take pictures of anybody who needed a good photo. And then give those people their photos for free. Now to be sure, Jeremy knows some very famous photographers, and he said he intended to call them and get them involved. But it wouldn’t just be pro-photographers. He wanted to involve anybody who was good with a camera.

The project Jeremy has come up with is called “Help Portrait” and will be taking place December 12th wherever capable photographers decide to make it happen!  Go to the Help Portrait to learn more and stay in touch through email or Twitter and Facebook.

Awesome stuff Jeremy!  And thanks for bringing it to our attention Don!

(btw, I’ll be reviewing Don’s newest Million Miles in a Thousand Years later this month thanks to Thomas Nelson’s book review bloggers program.  Trading books for reviews = sweet idea!  Check out the first thirty pages of Million Miles here!)


I know its been a while since my last post (sadly lost one I tried to upload from my new phone.  Thinking maybe my old post would show up, I waited a couple days.  It didn’t pay off).  I’m going to try to get a real update on here soon (tomorrow?), but still wanted to let you in on my latest brainchild for the blog: prayer updates!

Not exactly rocket science right?  What’s new about giving prayer updates?  Though I tried keeping our prayer needs updated via a widget on the left side of this blog, I will now be doing it through the Twitter widget now displayed on the left side of this blog (to learn more about twitter watch this video or go to  If you’d like to have our prayer requests sent directly to your phone via text message (normal rates apply), follow this link and set up your account with Twitter.

Click here to find out how to set up your cell phone to receive prayer updates via text from Twitter (don’t miss the option to not block text updates during the hours of your choosing–in case you want to sleep).

October 6, 2008

One of the friends  we met last week at Worldventure’s training in Colorado told us about a website that lets you make a difference in the fight against poverty–one click at a time!  Every day invites anyone who wants to, to go to their site where you can donate up to $.50 per day by clicking on the  “Click to Donate” button!  The money donated to povertyfighters is then used to provide “micro-loans” to people in impoverished areas.  Pretty cool, huh?

I just had a twenty minute instant messaging session on Facebook with Shey Macnack, (one of the two students who just returned home from a three week stay in Vancouver), Zilka Gerritsen (who have offered to host Kate and I in Holland for as long as we need), and Kari Hagelganz (who is co-leading Crossroads’ Amsterdam team, presently finding their feet in ministry).  Fifty, twenty and even ten years ago, this would have been impossible, or at best unlikely.  Today the possibilities are endless! 

Kari and I discussed their budget and changing ministry needs and outlook (check out her blog!).  Shey told me she has been asked to share with the church about her time in Holland on Sunday.  And Zilka and I began making connections which I am sure will be a huge help as Kate and I actually settle in to life in Holland.  With this sort of potential, I cannot even imagine how we, as the worldwide body of Christ, might minister together in the coming years!

Wiki Opportunities!

June 11, 2008

If you have not yet made it over to our Advocate’s wiki please check it out!  I have recently added some features that have incredible potential! 

The first one is for all of you out there who have not yet joined an Advocacy Team, and is located on the wiki frontpage.  By filling out the form located there we have opened up an avenue by which anyone can become part of an Advocacy Team, while simultaneously contacting the leaders of each of the five support teams so that they can follow up. 

The second tool we have created on the wiki is for those of you who have friends you think would be interested in joining our team.  The page is located here and contains a brief form that will be emailed to upon completion.  

I hope these tools prove to be good avenues for us to interact as a team.  I look forward to where this will all go as our Advocates begin to take hold of the vision! 

Thank you again for your involvement and support of us along this journey!  We are so honored to be partnered with you in this! 

God Bless!

Wiki Ministry

May 11, 2008

In a million Kate and I have been trying innovate on in mission on our way to the field, and along the way we’ve learned a lot.  When we started we had very little idea what was out there, or how things are typically done, and perhaps this naivety has served us well.

I have just finished reading a book called Wikinomics.  Coming initially from a business perspective, this book takes a critical look at emerging technologies and platforms and how they are changing the way we work.  

Email vs. Wiki Collaboration

In the book Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams show how wiki‘s, blogs and other web technologies are changing not only the way we interact, but also the way we think and approach life.  Wiki’s for instance create a community editable space whose content is created and maintained by the community, creating an entirely different message through the medium (see “medium is the message” and “Marshall McLuhan” on  The hierarchy is subverted, the audience becomes the creator, and “in-process” replaces the finished product. 

Understandably, my mind naturally takes the ideals of the “Wiki Wiki World” and applies them to the area I am most preoccupied with: missions.  Though ideas like these have far to go before they are received in the faith community, or even deemed biblical,  I still find myself dreaming about the world of mission turned upside down.  In this world “Senders” becomes co-creators (and really co-missionaries), “overseas ministry” truly becomes a joint venture and the “local sending church” is able to intertwine itself in the global body of Christ in uncharted ways. 

What will it look like for the church to catch up with innovation?  As the world grows smaller, how will the next generation answer Jesus’ Great Commission?  These are the types of things that keep me up at night…

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