Alright, so any of you who entered parenthood by having your schedule tightly bound around a zero to two-year-old’s schedule will appreciate the fact that my brain is not quite operating at its full potential right now.  That being said, I realized today some huge gaps left in my last post here.

First of all, I didn’t include Ellie’s weight and length: 8 lb. 3 oz, measuring 20.74 in. (4 oz. heavier and .25 in. longer than Jude)

Secondly, we want to thank all those people who prayed for Kate and I during Ellie’s labor and delivery!

In the things we could have felt cared for–in the flowers, the coffee, the help and much more–we felt the care of a whole crowd of people.  Even individuals’ felt somehow charged with the sentiments of the many. 🙂  In the things which no one had power to expressed their care through–what care we would receive, how labor would effect Kate’s body, how Ellie would fare through delivery and more–we felt the prayers of that same crowd petitioning the One who could shepherd us through.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  Once life sheds a bit of the insanity it has accrued these last couple days, we’re looking forward to putting more pictures up and introducing her to more of you!

Joey, Kate, Jude and Ellie Wulf


Get Together Coming Soon!

February 16, 2010

Anyone who would like to reconnect and hear more about Kate and my last year in Holland: listen up!  We’re still working out the specifics, but we are hoping to get together next week (likely Thursday) with our Senders and anyone else who’d like to hear more!

We’re excited to spend time with so many people we’ve missed these last 15 months!  Hopefully next time you visit we’ll  have a date to see you all!

I’m very excited for those of you living in Vancouver!  If you haven’t heard yet, Stan and Marnie (our pastor and his wife) will be in the Couve from Saturday to Thursday!  I don’t know all the opportunities you might have to meet them, but I’d definitely encourage you to go to Crossroads this Sunday (either service) to hear Stan speak.  I don’t think he will be sharing the whole time (more like 15 minutes?), but it should at least provide a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of things here as well as a great chance to meet Stan and Marnie after the service.  For those who are interested, Sunday may also provide opportunity to join other activities with Stan and Marnie or opportunity to plan a time to get together with them something later in the week.

Either way, we’re excited to have them in Vancouver, meeting our friends and family and bringing a little bit of Holland back to our stomping grounds.  Enjoy the trees, mountains and friends Stan and Marnie!  We miss you guys!

Oh to be Loved!

March 3, 2009

I tell you, I didn’t see it coming, but it is, nonetheless true: my absolute favorite thing about having my parents with us here in Holland is seeing them with Jude.  It is so sweet to see our baby getting more time with them–especially now that he’s tipped the scale on how much time he’s spent in Holland vs. the US.  So far my dad has taught Jude a new sound (vibrating his lips in a bubbly sort of way) and my mom has taught him the art of splashing in the tub (video soon to follow!).

Kate, Jude and I have been heartily enjoying our time with my parents–and way to go starting with a bang!  A huge thank you to everyone who wrote cards, donated clothes, books, candy and food!  Tomorrow we’re headed off to Paris with my parents for some rest and time away (till Monday).  We’re looking forward to it–though we will not have internet.  Anyway, just wanted to write a quick note to tell you all that we have been so blessed by our friends who are standing behind and with us in what God is doing here in Holland.

I’ll look forward to doing ministry updates once we get back to let you know how everything in the ministry world is going.

How difficult a thirteen minute walk makes it to stay connected with the life, the universe and everything!  Just nine days left till the internet man finally comes to our house to help us feed the habit!

In the mean time, things here have been going really well.  The house is pretty much set up (kitchen table/chairs coming Thursday) and we’ve each broken one dish (two dinner plates, one mug and one glass account for the casualties).  Jude is cute as ever and very fun to feed solids to (pictures soon!).  We’ve begun meeting with students at the house and are hoping to expand our ministry to the students in time.

Our Tuesday night Bible study with the youth is going great!  The group has stayed consistent through our study of Colossians, and I’m hoping to move them in to some deeper discipleship relationships as we wrap-up our study (tonight moves us in to the final chapter of the book!). The book of John is waiting in the hopper as we begin studying people who misunderstand Jesus in the book.  (You’d be surprise by how many of them there are!)  Hopefully I can get some of these studies up on as well so that you can keep track with us.

For all of our unconnectedness, I must say there has been one huge thing that has been great for us to find as we resurface to connect with you all: that we have not been forgotten.  To everyone who has sent cards, care packages, letters, emails, Facebook messages on our walls, sky written messages and billboards–thank you, thank you, thank you!

In my office right now is a wonderful drawing from my niece along with some pictures she sent me.  In Jude’s diaper bag there is an awesome book and a take-along blanket friends have sent us (so awesome!).  Our Senseo (coffee maker–check them out!  They’re pretty cool) is brewing Kate a fresh cup of Starbucks coffee.  We have been snacking on chocolate chips friends and family have sent us.

Thanks for remembering us and making us feel cared for!  You lift our spirits so much and we’re looking forward to the internet coming again to help us connect with you more!  Until then a huge thank you to sooo many people!

Oh, I Love Technology!

November 1, 2008

Oh the beauties of Skype!  If you haven’t discovered this awesome application yet go to to download it so that we can stay connected when we’re overseas!  Once you install the program search for joey.wulf and kate.wulf and add us to your contacts so that we can talk with you once we’re in the Netherlands.  

The thing I love best about Skype, besides its versatility (it can do chat, conference calling or video phoning), is that its free!  Hopefully this program will be just one more bridge to connect you to the ministry the Lord is doing–which many of you are involved in through prayers and support!–in Holland.  Just this morning we were able to Skype with our hosts Tom and Zilka in the Netherlands and it was awesome!

On Monday Evening, November 3, at 7:00PM to 8:30PM the Prayer Team and Supporters will pray with/for the Wulf Family and spend some time with them before they depart for the Netherlands.  The prayer will take place at the “Kuppens House”, 15514 NE 14th Street, Vancouver 98684.   For information or directions please call 360-882-3622.

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