December 18, 2012

God, I can identify with a church whose major message is, “We’re not them!” I’m challenging you to read this and see if you don’t identify in some part–even a small part–with the struggling leader of this band of people from Westboro Baptist Church.

Zack Hensley

For years I’ve heard of the terrible and notorious antics of the folks just up the highway at Westboro Baptist church.  I have on many occasions been left with my head in my hands in disbelief whenever the stories of Westboro Baptist’s protests are told. Disbelief was usually followed by anger as I’d hear about them protesting a soldier’s funeral, or a gay kid who was beaten to death by his hateful peers. Anger would then lead to sorrow as I began thinking about the poor families being screamed at in their time of great grief. Sorrow also when I thought about the level of deception the people from Westborro must be under to justify screaming hatred. Following the progression of emotions, I began to grow bitter toward Westboro Baptist. Eventually that bitterness turned to hate. Hate turned into slandering them whenever I saw them on the news or heard about the legitimately horrible things they…

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Your reasons for not initiating are legion. You do not want to be that intrusive person who invites himself into someone elses life. You do not want to be rejected. You want things to happen naturally, and “initiating” sounds like a sales pitch. Yet, the assumption is that as a disciple you are already going–taking the first steps to reach out to those around you.”

-Joe Thorn, Note to Self (p 80)

Wonderful thoughts from Paul Trip on the question of “How Do Children Become Kingdom Minded?” Check it out:

Do you look at your best leaders as the ones you’ll be sending the soonest? @caesarkal #GCM12

Jesus invited the disciples to witness his struggle in the garden @JeffVanderstelt #GCM12

The more you push toward the scattering, the more meaning the gathering will have @hughhalter #GCM12

If you don’t have a robust view of the Spirit your effectiveness in mission is going to be very very minimal. @JeffVanderstelt #GCM12

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