Waiting for Baby Girl…

February 27, 2010

3:00 am came and went last night, and I slept soundly.

With baby girl’s arrival officially expected sometime later next week we are in full waiting for baby girl mode.  Every time Kate can’t sleep, every phone call Kate makes–they’re all twinged with, “How are you feeling?  Any contractions yet?”.

Earlier this week my mom told me she had figured out when we were going to have our baby and that, lucky for her, it happened to fall just on her birthday (today)!  In her telling, the contractions would start at 3:00 am.  Kate would be able to sleep through them at first, and eventually, around 10:00 am we would go in to the hospital.  10 hours later, at 8:00 pm, our little baby girl would be born.

So now we wait…as we wait though, I’d love to hear people’s guesses in the comments as to when they’re thinking little Miss Wulf will make her way in to the big bright world.  Anyone?


Any hints on teeth grinding?

November 25, 2009

It is really terrible to hear your son grinding his teeth–especially when he only has three of them!  (though another one is close!)  My questions are these:

  • Any ideas on why is he doing it?
  • Is it bad for him?
  • If it is bad, is there anything we can do to stop it?



“Its a girl!”

October 21, 2009

If you follow either of us on Twitter, or are our friends on Facebook then you’ve probably already heard the official new: baby #2 is a girl!  As always, and to no big surprise, Kate and I had a great time touring all our baby girl’s major organs and bones.  It was so cute to see our baby sticking her tongue out and moving around!  Perhaps it was just a premature showing over elder brotherly under-whemedness, but Jude hardly seemed to notice his sister’s presence and spent most of his energy eating.  Sibling rivalry?  I’m sure he would have shared had she shown interest…

Anyway, here are the pictures our tech printed out for us!

What a cute face!

"Hey, nice foot."


Just after sticking her tongue out :)

One last story–Just before checking the gender, the tech asked us what we thought it would be. Kate bet on a girl, I sprang for a boy (I just had a feeling). When we found out we would indeed be having a girl Kate reminded me of her 2-0 lead over me on predicting the gender of our children. I told her we’d go best of five… 🙂


Introducing Baby #2

August 29, 2009

Hello baby wiggler!  Seven more weeks till we find out the gender of our baby, but man was number two moving!  For those of you who have never been in at an ultrasound I understand these pictures are probably a bit anti-climactic…Its one of those “You kinda have to be there” moments.Smiley

Maybe this will take some imagination for some of you but this one shows a smile on the left, two eye sockets (which is just kind of a creepy word…) and brains on the right.

Smiler Number Two

The little white blob on top of baby cutie’s head is a hand that just wouldn’t quit moving.  What a cutie!

SpineyBesides the spine along the top of this ultrasound, you can also picture two little legs and feet crossed to the left.  Oh, what a cute little 2.67 inch, 13 week old puppy!  March 5th is going to come quickly… 🙂  Welcome to our family Baby2!

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