Sunday a tweet from Len Sweet called my attention to an Esquire article from Shane Claiborne called “What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?”.  The thing I find interesting is that Esquire is asking someone like Shane to write an article for them addressing those who don’t believe!  I’m not exactly a regular on their site, but I’m fairly certain most of Esquire’s resources are not dedicated to finding Christian voices to fill their publication…

In general, I think Claiborne has some great things to say; things that people like me need to hear.  In particular I thought his article was well written, poignant and a good representation of Jesus in a world where people like Jesus more than they like his Church.  Here are a couple excerpts:

The more I have read the Bible and studied the life of Jesus, the more I have become convinced that Christianity spreads best not through force but through fascination.

Jesus shows that true faith has to work itself out in the way that is Good News to the most bruised and broken person lying in the ditch.

…the entire story of Jesus is about a God who did not just want to stay “out there” but who moves into the neighborhood, a neighborhood where folds said, “Nothing good could come.”…It is this Jesus who was born in a stank manger in the middle of a genocide.  That is the God that we are just as likely to find in the streets as in the sanctuary, who can redeem revolutionaries and tax collectors, the oppressed and the oppressors…a God who is saving some of us from the ghettos of poverty, and some of us from the ghettos of wealth.

For more from Shane Claiborne check out his books on Amazon here or read the entire article from Esquire here.


I just listened to a great message from N.T. Wright the bishop of Durham online at Pepperdine University’s website here.  The message, which shares the same title as this post, is part one of a three part lectureship and blew me away!  Right now N.T. Wright’s book Surprised by Hope  is sitting on my desk, just itching to be read, and I can’t wait!  Check out his message!  This guy has some very timely things to say to the church at this critical juncture! 


If you like what you hear and really want to go crazy, you can check out the unofficial N.T. Wright page to view, read or listen to any of a number of works by and/or on the man.N.T. Wright

For all of you nit pickers out there, let me also put out this disclaimer: I am still looking in to N.T. Wright and his theology, hermaneutic, etc. so don’t think I’ve bought the N.T. Wright calendar, t-shirt and foam finger just yet.  I’m still learning, and so would love to hear your comments as well. 


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