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October 8, 2008

In preparation for our flight the following morning Kate and I found ourselves re-packing the room we had called home last week. Somewhere amid the preparations Kate discovered that she needed to drive to the store–“Wait, where is my license?” “Uh…?” Over the twenty minute search that ensued I found myself dreaming up all kinds of identity theft nightmares. We checked all our bags, under the beds, in the bathroom, in our training room and with the lost-and-found at the airport–Nothing. Finally, as a guessture of defeat I said outloud, “Jesus help us find Kate’s license!”  No sooner had the words left my lips than I remembered one last pocket we hadn’t checked and of course there it was.  Why hadn’t we started in prayer?

With so much to do, this is for Kate and I a season of beginnings and we would like you to join us by starting in prayer.  To that end,  let me update you on some of our long standing prayer requests: 


We are so close!  Though we are still waiting for the dust to settle (i.e. for people to get their paperwork in to Worldventure), it looks like we almost have all of our monthly support needs!  Though we still need around $7,000 in one-time costs, we are still praying that God would make a way for us to get to the field before November 6th.  


With just four weeks left here at home (assuming the Lord opens doors), we have a lot to do.  Not only will there be goodbye and packing, but we’ll also be getting Jude’s passport, making a will, working with our supporters and a whole lot more!  If our training is correct then we’re about to enter the phase known as “Chaos”–need we say more?


What a great baby!  We couldn’t ask for a more laid-back, low maintanence baby!  He’s now up to six(ish) hours of sleep straight per night and growing like a madman!  So far he is both healthy and happy–please pray for wisdom as he continues to change.

Thanks for standing with us and thanks for praying for us!

Joey and Kate



September 20, 2008

God continues to provide for us as our intended departure date (in mid-October) approaches!  As of now, our monthly support needs have dropped down to just $650 before our monthly expenses are completely covered!  It has been a long journey, but suddenly the end (of fund raising at least) seems very near.

Looking back at things to this point it is funny to see the roles we each play in God’s great redemptive mission. This weekend we have seen people partner with God by baking cookies and cupcakes, they have sorted clothes for a fund-raising garage sale, they have prayed, they have made signs and they have committed to support us financially.  We have had people apologize for how little their contribution was–for amounts ranging from $25 to $100 to $200.

The bottom line is this: God is using us and God can use you.  Not everyone can go, not everyone can give, but God has built his body in such a way that everyone can participate.  What great and humbling news!

Financial Update

September 6, 2008

Of course a huge part of our getting to go right now is dependant on how our finances are coming together, so I thought I’d write to keep you in the loop (not to mention so that you can pray for us as well!):

Monthly Expenses:

Our monthly budget–which has just been firmed up this week–has been set at about $4200 (yeah there are still some things we are working out).  About $800 of our budget is for personal discretionary use (including things like food, diapers, personal travel, etc.)  So far we have gotten commitments from people covering some $3100 of our monthly needs.

One-time Expenses:

On top of our need for monthly support, we are also waiting on the Lord to provide almost $22,000.00 in one-time expenses (including almost $10,000 for visas, $5,800 for a car and 3,000 for airfare to Holland).  So far, the Lord has provided jst under $13,000.00 in this area.

Looking ahead to the next six weeks you can be praying with us that God would:

  • Provide the remaining $1,100 in monthly commitments
  • Provide the remaining $9,000 in one-time needs
  • Continue to provide for those families who are sacrificing to support the mission God has called us to in the Netherlands (especially as we have invited them to begin giving through Worldventure this month)

A huge thank you to all of our prayer and financial supporters out there!  It is exciting to see God providing through his molding of hearts!

We are getting close!

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