House Update!

December 15, 2008

Just a quick one tonight since its almost midnight–we are officially in the house I told you about a couple weeks ago!  We signed our lease today and got the keys this evening, which led us in to measuring, which led to staying out too late, which led to us taking a late one hour and fifteen minute bus to our current residence…And with that, Goodnight!  And more later!

UPDATE 7:30 AM December 16: Because I was tired last night I forgot to mention that we got a surprise last night at our contract signing: gas, electricity, water and garbage are included in our rent!  This was an especially sweet surprise as we had budgeted 200 EU for this expense!


Welcome Home Part II

December 1, 2008

Here is the video tour Nathan took of the house we will be moving in to in two weeks (from the post Welcome Home?): 

Most likely Kate, Jude and I will be living on the second floor with Nathan and Anna living in the room off the front room.  We’re hoping the main common areas will be the zolder (attic) and front room.  

Now on to decorating and recruiting help for all the work its going to need!

Welcome Home?

November 29, 2008

Today Kate and I met the Youngers and Marinussens at the house below to see if it would be a good fit for the five of us to make our home this next year.  You can imagine we were pretty excited to see the place!  

Now, I know the google map is about as clear as a 1980’s mugshot, but let me assure you it looks a lot better when you’re not looking from outer space. 

Though it doesn’t really look that big from the outside, there is actually quite a large amount of space in the house (Nathan took a video tour of the place that I’m hoping to link to soon).  Besides the four bedrooms, there is also a large two car garage, a very usable open dining room/living room/kitchen, as well as a large, functional–even heated!–zolder (attic)!  Besides the space, we really loved the location.  Zoom out on the map above and you’ll see (by hovering over the blue pins) that we’ll be right next to the grocery store, bungalow (where the youth group meets), pastor (Stan and Marnie Marinussen), main bus line and church (in the next town over).   

Though place is a little old (1920’s I believe), and in need of some loving (specifically, cleaning, painting and replacing light fixtures and window coverings), we pretty much all agreed that we wanted to live in this house.  That being the case, it looks like the owner of the house will have it ready for us to rent sometime in mid-December.  

Thanks for praying us through this process.  There’s plenty left to do, and even more to pray for!  We’ll keep you posted, and hopefully have some pictures/video up soon!  


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