Girly Ruffled Tank by KateEspecially for all of you who have (rightly) wanted to hear more from Kate, I am pleased to announce that she has started a blog at!  Many of you already know how amazing Kate is with sewing, crafting and making our home a great place to live.  Now you can keep up with some of the great stuff she’s doing!

Also, make sure you visit to vote for Kate’s “Wedding Cake Top” she entered in the Spring Top Contest!


Alright, so any of you who entered parenthood by having your schedule tightly bound around a zero to two-year-old’s schedule will appreciate the fact that my brain is not quite operating at its full potential right now.  That being said, I realized today some huge gaps left in my last post here.

First of all, I didn’t include Ellie’s weight and length: 8 lb. 3 oz, measuring 20.74 in. (4 oz. heavier and .25 in. longer than Jude)

Secondly, we want to thank all those people who prayed for Kate and I during Ellie’s labor and delivery!

In the things we could have felt cared for–in the flowers, the coffee, the help and much more–we felt the care of a whole crowd of people.  Even individuals’ felt somehow charged with the sentiments of the many. 🙂  In the things which no one had power to expressed their care through–what care we would receive, how labor would effect Kate’s body, how Ellie would fare through delivery and more–we felt the prayers of that same crowd petitioning the One who could shepherd us through.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  Once life sheds a bit of the insanity it has accrued these last couple days, we’re looking forward to putting more pictures up and introducing her to more of you!

Joey, Kate, Jude and Ellie Wulf

Happy Birthday Kate!

January 23, 2010

Today Kate passes the quarter century mark into 26 years of age!  (When exactly are you spposed to stop saying how old a person is again?)  Thank you to everyone who sent her cards 🙂 (She’s been storing them up, waiting until today to open them!)!   Happy birthday baby!

“Its a girl!”

October 21, 2009

If you follow either of us on Twitter, or are our friends on Facebook then you’ve probably already heard the official new: baby #2 is a girl!  As always, and to no big surprise, Kate and I had a great time touring all our baby girl’s major organs and bones.  It was so cute to see our baby sticking her tongue out and moving around!  Perhaps it was just a premature showing over elder brotherly under-whemedness, but Jude hardly seemed to notice his sister’s presence and spent most of his energy eating.  Sibling rivalry?  I’m sure he would have shared had she shown interest…

Anyway, here are the pictures our tech printed out for us!

What a cute face!

"Hey, nice foot."


Just after sticking her tongue out :)

One last story–Just before checking the gender, the tech asked us what we thought it would be. Kate bet on a girl, I sprang for a boy (I just had a feeling). When we found out we would indeed be having a girl Kate reminded me of her 2-0 lead over me on predicting the gender of our children. I told her we’d go best of five… 🙂



September 28, 2008

There are some things in life I just am not good at, and one of them is Homing.  Not twenty minutes in to our home for the week here in Littleton Colorado for training, and Kate says, “I think I’m going to unpack.”  While there may not be anything revolutionary or groundbreaking about this simple statement, as a guy who is about to uproot his life and move it around the world, I find this an incredible blessing.  

Its funny how people can be paired together–whether you believe it to be that “one person God has for you” or not.  Though we never set out to match up our giftings to see where the other person is lacking, I find, time and again, that our giftings do match.  I’m not really a person who homes (taken as a verb of course), but if you given me enough time, I’ll figure out that something is missing.  

Thank God that his plans are bigger than ours and that he sees things we so often miss.  

Keep praying for us this week as God continues to prepare us for those unforeseen things that lie just over the future’s horizon.  

PS – The flight went great.  Jude slept most of the time and never really even cried!  

PPS – Kate and I are both feeling a little under the weather.  I don’t know if it is the altitude or what, but pray we’ll get over it quickly.  We’ll be updating through the week!

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