January 18, 2010

For those who haven’t seen it, Nathan just posted a worship song he and Casper recently wrote and recorded.  Great work guys!

BTW – the video was shot in our weekly meeting space and edited by Nathan.


Happy Birthday Me!

August 29, 2008

For the first time in my life I was awake at 2:00 am on my birthday listening to the nightly sounds of my wife and newborn son.  Weird.  I don’t know why a birthday should highlight the huge changes that have taken place this last year, but it certainly has.

Daddy, Jude and a Duck

At the Zoo! (Click the picture to see more pictures from the zoo!)

Today I went to the Zoo with some family and found myself thinking about “dad-ing” much of the time.  I am twenty-four. I am a husband. I am a dad.  And I am a missionary who will be moving halfway around the world in a little less than two months.  Its amazing how these things sneak-up on you and then hit you over the head like a 2×4!

I guess a lot of you dads out there are probably laughing to yourselves and remembering when, but I find myself amazed at the changes in my life and how they have impacted me.  Its interesting how something like parenting can become a spiritual discipline and a change agent that God uses in a person’s life.

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