Garage Sale: Finals

September 26, 2008

Just wanted to update you on how things went this last weekend as our Senders hosted a second garage sale to help raise additional funds and liquidate our belongings here at home.

Before I give you the numbers I first want to send out a huge thank you to all the people who were involved in these two sales: the Schlecters, the Koenigs, the Chans, the Osgoods, the Horsteds, the Humes, the Toppers, the Winters, the Backmans, the Johnsons, the Achesons, the LaPores, more Achesons, the Sheets, the Quinns, the Ellises, the Thulins, Gramma Acheson, the parental Wulf, Matt Wulf, Abby Wulf, the Stantons, the Adamsons, the Radkes, the Abshires, our neighbor Michael, the Hendricksons, Tucker Lynch, Eric Macias, Tanner Bell, Kelsey Kline, and Micah Koenig–in all somewhere around 40 people helped to make this possible.  A huge “Thank you!” to all the people who donated, drove, baked, sorted, priced, cleaned, assisted, sold, moved, facilitated, administrated, and planned these sales!  You have done a great job and taken a great weight off of our shoulders by both raising funds and helping us transition out of the US!

So, all said and done (with just a couple things for sale still on Craigslist) the two garage sales combined to bring in over $4500!  The proceeds from these sales will be more than enough to buy our plane tickets and a new computer as we head to the field!   Thank you to John and Karen Wulf and David and Kimberly Topper especially for putting so much work in to these sales!  And thank you again to everyone who sacrificed to help make this happen!

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