Back At It!

August 21, 2008

Though I am certainly not saying we are through our sleepless nights, we are moving back in to some more serious preparations for Holland.  This last week and a half Kate and I have chosen pretty  intentionally to take a timeout from all the craziness of life to spend some time getting used to our little family.  As God has been teaching and providing, I feel like he has also been preparing us to dive back in to preparation process we have been in now for almost six months. Please pray for us as this means we will be playing catchup on all the things that were put on hold and pushed off when labor started.

This is a very exciting time for us and we feel we are right in the middle of where God would have us, and we’re looking forward to the new ways we anticipate God will provide for us in the few weeks that remain!


Six months out, and the mountain just keeps getting bigger.  At this point, with this much mountain left, we’re pretty much taking it on faith that this will stop growing as we uncover them.  “Well, I’m glad that’s done!  What’s this?  Oh, so all those things still have yet to be done, eh?  Humph.  Kate!”  Whew!  It is a long road, but we’re excited nonetheless! 

Thank God we’re surrounded by people who love us.  I swear to you that this road would not be possible without you.

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