See you on Skype!

November 2, 2009

Hey everyone!  I know it is a bit short notice but I will be skyping the prayer group that meets today at 8:30 pm Pacific standard time.  If you do not know where our monthly prayer team meets and would like to come, please leave me a note in the comments so I can give you directions.  I’m looking forward to talking with you guys and connecting with you all!


Thank you Mr. McCartney, but we’ll actually be saying both hello and goodbye this time.

Goodbye 😦  A great big “Goodbye!” to everyone who came out from Vancouver to minister to us and our fellowship here!  We had a great time connecting and exploring our  identity in Christ with you all!  I’m excited for what the Lord is going to in you, and for what he has already begun, bolstered and continued through you!  Thanks for your transparency, willingness to learn and adapt, and the joy and insight you brought to our context here (I’ll be blogging to recount things more fully later)!

And also: Hello!  A great big “Hello!” to our new baby due to arrive some time in late February (maybe sharing a birthday with Grandma Wulf?)!  No we were not planning on having another baby this close to Jude (18 months-ish).  No Kate has not been in to see a doctor yet (due in part to surprise and figuring things out in a new culture)  We’re thinking Kate’s is around 12 weeks along and hoping to see a doctor next week.  Please pray for this pregnancy especially as I’m sure it will bring our foreignness back home to us in new way (“Comfort” in pregnancy comes at a high premium as it is, let along trying to translate it in to a new cultural currency).

On another note, once the initial shock was over, we have had a blast announcing this new baby!  Here’s the short story of how we announced to our parents: Kate made a shirt for Jude with “Big Bro” sewed on to the front.  We sent this picture to our parents while video phoning on Skype.  Both set of parents asked the question, “What’s with the ‘Big Bro’?”  “Oh, well, Jude is going to be a big brother.”  And this is what ensued (Please add your own audio to match the expressions in order to capture the full event)…

The Wulfs

The OsgoodsThanks moms and dads (and Chris’ right side)!  We’re excited to meet you little baby!  We love you!

Oh, I Love Technology!

November 1, 2008

Oh the beauties of Skype!  If you haven’t discovered this awesome application yet go to to download it so that we can stay connected when we’re overseas!  Once you install the program search for joey.wulf and kate.wulf and add us to your contacts so that we can talk with you once we’re in the Netherlands.  

The thing I love best about Skype, besides its versatility (it can do chat, conference calling or video phoning), is that its free!  Hopefully this program will be just one more bridge to connect you to the ministry the Lord is doing–which many of you are involved in through prayers and support!–in Holland.  Just this morning we were able to Skype with our hosts Tom and Zilka in the Netherlands and it was awesome!

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