Baptisms Tomorrow!

August 29, 2009

Stan just sent this out:

Dear Family and Friends!

This Sunday, August 30th we’re having a baptism at the beach in Langevelderslag (North Sea).  Four young ladies have signed up so far:  Fazia (20), Elisah (19), Kirsten (16) and Brandy (14).
Please pray for these ladies to also be baptised with the Holy Spirit and that others may be moved by the Holy Spirit to be baptised as well.  Also, please pray for nice weather (no rain or wind)!!!

Thank you so much!  I’ll be posting an update soon. . .

Grace and blessings to you!
Stan for all

Titus 2:11-15

Join us in praying for these girls and for anyone else who wants to be baptized!  Also, please be praying that our community will take these baptisms as a charge for us to take raising these girls up in the faith and to gospel them well.  Great stuff!


Stan the pastor of Calvary Chapel Hoofdorp sent me this email recapping Crossroads’ ministry over these past two and a half weeks: 

Hey Joey-


Just a quick note to let you know how the outreach went from my perspective. Aside from the apparent ‘changes’ at the YWAM base, which resulted in less opportunity for the team to minister with them, the outreach was a blessing.  I met with Kari and Ryan on their first Friday and ran through the logistics of the Sunday service, meeting the students & parents, etc.  They told me that YWAM was quite inflexible which was somewhat of a disappointment for them. I am impressed with how Kari and Ryan handled the situation. Without you or Paul Jones being there to ‘take the bull by the horns’, they went with the flow and allowed the Lord to lead them.


Kary, Ryan and Robert led worship for us that Sunday and did a really good job. After the service we had a luncheon and a time of fellowship at the bungalow with the whole church, so they got a chance to meet and mingle with the body.  The Passion Week, as it was called this time was very good for both groups. Instead of being overly busy with YWAM and evangelism, they really spent a lot of quality time with each other. It seems that this time spent together has been very valuable in building relationships. In fact when the group came out this Tuesday to join our youth group, Kari said to me yesterday that it didn’t feel like they were coming to someone else’s church, but that she felt at home; part of the the fellowship. This really blesses me for all the apparent reasons.


Yesterday Marnie and I spent half the day with the team in Haarlem. I insisted that they do the Corrie ten Boom Museum tour and they loved it.  All in all I believe that the Lord did an awesome work in both groups. It wouldn’t surprise me if more future foreign missionaries would come out of the team. The Lord knows…


Anyway, thank you for sending them our way. We (the church) are an experience richer and foresee the Lord using this trip to bring forth much fruit.


Blessings and grace to you three!


What an awesome report!  Again, don’t forget to catch up with the ministry they did in Amsterdam.  Follow the links on the left (to Ryan, Cam and Kari’s blogs) to find out more!


Job Description

July 31, 2008

No surprises here, but I still thought you’d enjoy reading the expectations list Stan sent to Worldventure:

  • To serve our youth group as their youth pastor.  This includes, but is not limited to being their Shepherd; teaching them the Word of God, equipping them for the work of ministry, discipleship, counseling, pouring his heart and life into our young people.
  • To develop leaders within the youth group to serve in whatever capacity the Lord calls them to.  Specifically to develop one or multiple youth pastors from within the group of Dutch nationals; Joey basically needs to multiply himself.
  • To develop and organise our Youth ministry.
  • To lead, organise, administer outreach to our community and (short-term) foreign missions.
  • To seek and create opportunities for our youth to serve as missionaries/interns at established Calvary Chapels in the U.S.A. to gain practical ministry experience.
  • To encourage our young people to take advantage of the many opportunities that Calvary Chapel provides to equip them beyond what we are able at the local church level.  Such as the Calvary Chapel Bible Colleges and various other schools that CC has to offer.
  • To learn the Dutch language.

Though I am trying not to fill in too much of our expectations for what ministry will be like (since it could all change once we’re on the ground), I can’t help it.  Immediately my mind is set to thinking: “So, we could do this…and this…and this…and…”

Grandpa Stan!

July 22, 2008

Stan and Anaya


Thought I would pass on this picture of Grandpa Stan (pastor of Cross Culture Calvary Chapel in Hoofddorp Holland) and his granddaughter Anaya.  What a cutie!  (Sorry Stan, that was about Anaya…) 

Looks like you guys are having a good time Stan!

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