September 20, 2008

God continues to provide for us as our intended departure date (in mid-October) approaches!  As of now, our monthly support needs have dropped down to just $650 before our monthly expenses are completely covered!  It has been a long journey, but suddenly the end (of fund raising at least) seems very near.

Looking back at things to this point it is funny to see the roles we each play in God’s great redemptive mission. This weekend we have seen people partner with God by baking cookies and cupcakes, they have sorted clothes for a fund-raising garage sale, they have prayed, they have made signs and they have committed to support us financially.  We have had people apologize for how little their contribution was–for amounts ranging from $25 to $100 to $200.

The bottom line is this: God is using us and God can use you.  Not everyone can go, not everyone can give, but God has built his body in such a way that everyone can participate.  What great and humbling news!


Kate and I continue to tear apart the little home we’ve made for ourselves as we take one more step in the long journey to Holland.  Right now we are probably about 2/3 done with the process.  It is amazing all the things there are to be decided on: “What do we take?  What do we leave?”  It all tends to wear on you after a while.  It is kind of weird, because I’m not sure it is the moving that is the stressful part.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but in part I guess the stress is in the definition.  Moving is uprooting and uprooting brings uncertainty. 

In some ways moving our stuff has been a microcosm of our lives, which have ranged from chaotic to exhilerating in recent weeks (especially with Jude a little more than four weeks away!).  One thing that has been phenominal though, has been receiving support from the people around us.  Besides the actual help our support team has brought–including packing supplies, meals, actually helping us pack, etc.–there is something intangibly helpful about someone who is not going reaching out to help with our going.  It feels something like a rope being tossed to us in the middle of a overflowing stream, or a rock in the middle of a raging current.  Its almost like their stability rubs off on us for a bit and reassures us that, yes everything is going to be fine, even if things are a bit crazy just now. 

Last week I was sent a link to where I downloaded a song by Alli Rogers called “Things We Can and Cannot Keep” (listen to it here).  Here is the chorus:

What can we carry, What will stay with us

What will shine like gold when story’s told

Somethings will tarry some will turn to dust

There are things we can and things we cannot keep.

Originally inspired by a post on moving, I’ve been listening to this song over and over this week as we sift through those things we can and cannot keep.  Looking back over the journey that has brought us to this point, thank you to those of you who have made your own contributions and given us what cannot be taken away though they require nothing to keep.  You help us press on!

Six months out, and the mountain just keeps getting bigger.  At this point, with this much mountain left, we’re pretty much taking it on faith that this will stop growing as we uncover them.  “Well, I’m glad that’s done!  What’s this?  Oh, so all those things still have yet to be done, eh?  Humph.  Kate!”  Whew!  It is a long road, but we’re excited nonetheless! 

Thank God we’re surrounded by people who love us.  I swear to you that this road would not be possible without you.

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