Ten minutes ago, as I lay in bed next to Jude and Kate, I couldn’t help but rehearse the next two days…five hours till we leave for the airport…eight hours till we fly out…eighteen hours till we touch down in Holland…probably about nineteen or twenty hours till we leave the airport…and twenty-nine or thirty hours till we hope to be sleeping tomorrow night in the Netherlands.

Needless to say, we have some things we’d like you to be praying about!

Jude has just yesterday picked up a cold which has been making sleeping and nursing pretty tough for him.  Pray for that, and for the travel.  I’m anticipating that ten hours on a plane isn’t going to be a picnic for him or us.

Joey and Kate with just a few hours left we still have a bunch of things to do, a couple of meals to eat and a whole crowd of people to say goodbye to at the airport.  That even emotionally draining to read!  Pray for strength as we take this next step into God’s plan for our lives!

Traveling: While I really do enjoy it, I am a bit apprehensive about all our bags, especially as I’ve never traveled with so many (four checked, two carry-on, one personal item with both our computers in it, one carseat and one stroller).  According to NWA’s rules I believe we should be stretching their luggage allowances to the breaking.  Pray this doesn’t become a problem in transit or a curiosity at immigration.

This last week has been crazy busy, and there are so many people I would have liked to see, hang with, and thank, but just couldn’t make time for in all the insanity.  We are so grateful to be in the place we are, going out to serve with the support of so many friends.

We hope to be writing soon to let you all know how we’re doing and what we find on the ground in Holland!



Jude's Passport

We’re going to get Jude’s passport today!  Somehow it seems a little funny to me that a nine week old’s passport would be good for five years…Nevertheless, we’re off to get just one more important document before we’re totally ready to head over seas.

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