Alright, so any of you who entered parenthood by having your schedule tightly bound around a zero to two-year-old’s schedule will appreciate the fact that my brain is not quite operating at its full potential right now.  That being said, I realized today some huge gaps left in my last post here.

First of all, I didn’t include Ellie’s weight and length: 8 lb. 3 oz, measuring 20.74 in. (4 oz. heavier and .25 in. longer than Jude)

Secondly, we want to thank all those people who prayed for Kate and I during Ellie’s labor and delivery!

In the things we could have felt cared for–in the flowers, the coffee, the help and much more–we felt the care of a whole crowd of people.  Even individuals’ felt somehow charged with the sentiments of the many. 🙂  In the things which no one had power to expressed their care through–what care we would receive, how labor would effect Kate’s body, how Ellie would fare through delivery and more–we felt the prayers of that same crowd petitioning the One who could shepherd us through.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  Once life sheds a bit of the insanity it has accrued these last couple days, we’re looking forward to putting more pictures up and introducing her to more of you!

Joey, Kate, Jude and Ellie Wulf


Welcome Eleanor Jane!

March 5, 2010

I’m reminded as I sit listening to my newborn daughter’s nose whistle and occasional snorting that the wait is over and that Ellie Jane has finally come to join us!  She’s just pushing 22 hours as I sit here writing.  Yet again I have one more reason to love Mavis Beacon for teaching me to type without looking at the screen so I can spend my gaze on looking at more worthwhile things. 🙂

For those who weren’t able to watch the Facebook play-by-play, let me sum up our labor experience simply by saying that it was very positive.  As usual, Kate was amazing through labor and delivery and just like Jude, Ellie was perfect through the whole delivery, though a little squirmier than we’d have liked toward the end (which prolonged the pushing somewhat).

Besides meeting a couple of the big names of her life to come, Ellie also got to meet her big brother for the first time last night.  It was great to watch him meet his new sister and give her some big [gentle] faceplant-like kisses on her cheek.  🙂  He’s going to be a great big brother–now I just have to teach him how to handle and shotgun to ward off his sister’s suitors…

In the mean time, welcome Ellie!  You are so precious and so beautiful!

New Camera!

January 21, 2010

Our new camera finally arrived this morning and its already going to good use!  I (Joey) am hoping this camera (a Canon 30D–thanks for the recommendation Sheldon!) will give us good family pictures for a long time, help capture our world better than our old Nikon point and shoot.  Tomorrow I’ll be starting a 365 project where I take and post a picture a day–and I shouldn’t have any trouble finding good shots given the people I live with (including the soon to join us addition)!

So, having not even journey out of manual mode (something I’m set on doing), here are a couple with the new camera:

Jude meets the new Camera 2

Jude learns to wink!

January 13, 2010

How this guy is growing by leaps and bounds! (winking is certainly one of the higher functions of human existence…)

Jude Learns to Wink!
Last night was Jude’s first night at the youth study since he’s started walking full-time New Year’s Eve (he and I did a few laps around a restaurant while waiting for dinner with friends and the rest is history).  Its looking like we are going to have to find another place for Jude on Tuesday nights.  He’s just too mobile and curious for that echo-y, toy-less wasteland we meet in!  🙂

Jude Tries the Snow

December 20, 2009

With all the snow we got today, I just couldn’t keep myself from giving Jude his first taste of fresh snow.  Here is his review…

The Clampdown 1
The Clampdown 2
The Clampdown 3
The Clampdown 4
The Clampdown in Hindsight

Though it’s officially his second haircut (the first one was really just an over the ears trim) so I thought I’d post pics from today’s full headed hair cut.  What a cute guy!  And yes, he did manage to eat a handful of hair (though not without gagging on it).

Blurry I know, I just loved his facial expression!

Look at those crazy locks!

Don’t be fooled–getting your hair cut is tiring work!


“Its a girl!”

October 21, 2009

If you follow either of us on Twitter, or are our friends on Facebook then you’ve probably already heard the official new: baby #2 is a girl!  As always, and to no big surprise, Kate and I had a great time touring all our baby girl’s major organs and bones.  It was so cute to see our baby sticking her tongue out and moving around!  Perhaps it was just a premature showing over elder brotherly under-whemedness, but Jude hardly seemed to notice his sister’s presence and spent most of his energy eating.  Sibling rivalry?  I’m sure he would have shared had she shown interest…

Anyway, here are the pictures our tech printed out for us!

What a cute face!

"Hey, nice foot."


Just after sticking her tongue out :)

One last story–Just before checking the gender, the tech asked us what we thought it would be. Kate bet on a girl, I sprang for a boy (I just had a feeling). When we found out we would indeed be having a girl Kate reminded me of her 2-0 lead over me on predicting the gender of our children. I told her we’d go best of five… 🙂


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